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Sabtu, 18 Disember 2010

Hantu... (Ghost)

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all my blog readers.....

Really sorry because the first photo has nothing to do with the post title. This is a part of my kids daily story.

My kids are now in a very active stage. They move and play a lot. If I keep things properly, they will try to take out those things and play around and mess up the whole house! What a disaster!

My husband and I were always worried. What if suddenly a friend or a family member showed up??? I am sure I will not have enough time to tidy up the whole house.. hmm... luckily so far nobody came... :P

This is a photo from an evening in the house.
After taken so many photos, still cannot get both of them sit still. And the above photo is the best.

And so sudden my daughter ask me to take her photo from the back!!!
I was shocked and asked her why?

She told me, " I want to be like the ghost. People cannot see the ghost's face."

I smiled and do as told.
And then the little boy also wanted the same style!

I was like "Haiyya!" but soon realized now is the time where people could get anything using only their fingertips! I mean the internet, here!

My children learnt a lot from the television. They are too young to use the internet, of course.

But now they can imitate the cartoons actions and spoken language too. Can u all imagine what they will learn later on??? Beyond imagination right???

It really depends on us as parents to guide our children the correct way. Isn't it??

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