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Ahad, 7 Mac 2010

Meet Deeneshwari & Muiz Zafri

After I 'sms'ed her, she replied;
Thnx 4 ur msg Cikgu.
I was looking 4ward to ur reply.
I wil stay in touch.
Take care my favourite n special teacher...
I really do feel good to read the sms.
Did I really 'touched' her heart???
Students are my responsibility but parents???
At least try to understand.
Everything that I've done - for the sake of ur child.
My salary will be in on time every month...
Of course no overtime payment for my extra
hardwork but we as teachers always keep on
trying to change the attitude of the young learners.
After so much I've been through at school...
I hope all of my students can be better from before, now.

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