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Selasa, 2 Mac 2010

A sms from London....

Last Friday I received a sms from my ex-student from London.
Why ex???
It is not because she finished schooling in Malaysia,
it is because she had to be with her family.
Her father is working there.
I am so pleased to read her text.
I taught her for a few months only and she remember me well. Helo n gud mrng Cikgu Rafidah.
This is Deeneshwari from London.
I hope u stil remember me.
Hope u r fine as i m here.
I miss M'sia b'cos it is very cold here.
But i enjoy school here as i hv lots of new friends
n i dont carry heavy books or bags to sch.
I m in yr 3 n my sister Thurgaashini is in yr 6.
She too says hi. Hw is Cikgu Ku Azril?
Pls say i said helo n my regards to all my
frens there... esp Muiz.
Take care and keep in touch.
Thurgaashini is her big sister.
I taught her too when she was 7.
Deeneshwari is tougher than her sister.
Her sister always cried when I raised my voice.
But Deeneshwari didn't.
She just kept quiet and always try
to please me.
Ku Azril is my colleague. He was the class teacher.
Muiz is her best friend. Maybe was.
Of course I replied the sms.
And I am going to publish her photo soon with
the latest sms, if any.
For the time being, my desktop is unavailable.
So sorry that u all have to wait before could see her.

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