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Keluarga Tersayang



Jumaat, 14 Mei 2010

How to Make A Pizza

This is not really cooking. Making pie charts using pizza slices only. We did everything as a group. 'Kelompok' if u want to refer in Indonesian Language. First of all u have to draw a big circle on a white paper. Then fold into two before you cut. The second step will be repeated until you get eight pieces. 1. Draw circles using dark red crayon. 2. Use black crayon, draw smaller circles. 3. Colour the background with yellow. 4. Use light brown as the crust of the pizza slice. 5. Use dark brown to enhance the crust. 6. Use brilliant red crayon to colour the sausages.
7. Use black crayon to colour the tiny mushroom. 8. And your pizza slice is ready.

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